What is Beyond Wellness?

Wellness is being free of, or managing sickness and disease in a way that allows suitable livelihood. 
Image courtesy of CrossFit Journal feature article WHAT IS FITNESS
Ingredients for wellness ...

Eat a diet rich in high quality protein sources, vegetables, and healthy fat sources, while reducing or avoiding processed starches, sugars, chemically altered or refined fats, and other inflammatory or gut irritating foods.

Incorporate an exercise regime based on functional/primal movements, programmed intelligently to develop all physical skills and competencies with necessary tasks.

Practice discipline with these basic nutrition and exercise recommendations and wellness can be achieved by all. 

To move beyond wellness, and in to the realm of fitness, further attention, discipline, experimentation, and down right hard work must be invested. 

It is key to take steps to balance all aspects of health [including sleep and stress management, lifestyle, success, and happiness in addition to nutrition and exercise] while we seek greater fitness and performance. Our ability to positively impact these factors will stand alone as testament to our effectiveness.

There is no single expert out there who knows everything about every process in the body—especially me. If someone claims that they do, run! The human body is just too complex and perfecting the application of exercise and nutrition are long-term endeavors. The best we can do is learn everything we can, sort the good information from the bad, try, measure, and adapt based on our results. Tinkering and paying attention are essential to finding what works for you.

The goal of beyond wellness is to offer a glimpse into the reactions and processes that go on within the black box and to elucidate the path to optimal fitness.