Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Links Beyond Well -- Women And Children Lift Weights, Sleep, Training Wisdom, And More ...

Greetings!  A lot has happened over the past two months.  I moved on from my position at Ramstein, I visited home to Oregon for some excellent R&R (hiking, camping, farmers markets, beaches, parks, workouts at CrossFit Excellence, and lots of time with the family), I moved on and began my new job/assignment in the hospital at Eglin Air Force Base and have also begun studying for a C.S.C.S, working on a ton of household projects getting settled in, and am attempting to learn to garden.  Feel free to donate to my compost pile ...

I haven't written or read as much as I usually like to; however, I have a piece in the works discussing the various metabolic fuel systems, how they work during what types of exercise and why that matters.  Keep an eye out for that in the next couple weeks.  In the mean time, the articles below made it through my filter as being particularly interesting/useful and I'd like to pass them on to you.  Enjoy!

Crater Lake, Oregon
Should women lift heavy or light weights? -- Jill Coleman, Metabolic Effect
"There should be no fear of bulking up when fat-burning is being maximized."
The Big Sleep -- Stephan Guyenet, Whole Health Source
  • "Lack of sleep appears to predispose to obesity and diabetes, and probably sets us up for the Big Sleep down the line."
  • "Keep your room as dark as possible during sleep. It also helps to avoid bright light, particularly in the blue spectrum, before bed (4). "Soft white" bulbs are preferable to full spectrum in the evening. If you need to use your computer, dim the monitor and adjust it to favor warm over cool colors. For people who sleep poorly due to anxiety, meditation before bed can be highly effective."
*Also see Stephan's clarification of the data from the study, here

On a similar thread, my sister and I experimented with some de-stressing techniques while I was visiting home to Oregon last month.  Here is what we came up with:

Trainer Tells All -- What I have Learned About Health and Fitness -- Mike OD, Fitness Spotlight
"Today I just wanted to share some of the things this 36yr old has personally learned about all things health and fitness….in no certain order…
  • There is no such thing as spot reduction…but there is a great business in selling that concept (Ab-reclining chair anyone?)
  • It’s a lot easier to stay fit and strong….once you get there
  • If I had to pick one sport for a child to start with it would be gymnastics, the strength/speed/balance/body control they will learn can be applied to any sport down the road."

In With the New -- Mark's Daily Apple
"The foods that give us energy and vitality, that make us lean and support our immune systems for a long, healthy and happy life ... The following represent the most popular MDA articles on each of these nourishing food groups."
Strength Training for Young Athletes -- John Welbourn, Talk To Me Johnnie
"Since we know that puberty and age will increase strength and size, the question becomes, can make a more dramatic effect with strength training at a young age? Then we get into a bigger can of worms with…at what age should you start strength training? What constitutes “strength” training and more importantly what should that training look like?"

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