Sunday, August 15, 2010

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The links below will guide you through a series of article/interviews I put together spotlighting various Ramstein Airmen who scored perfect on their Air Force Fitness Assessment.  While the Air Force Fitness Assessment is admittedly not the definitive measure of health or performance, it DOES take effort to get a perfect score.  And it'd be reasonable to say that if you are getting a perfect score on your fitness assessment that you are more likely to be closer to the "fit" end of the spectrum than the "sick" end.

What I'd like you to note is what these Athletes (and I call them Athletes because I believe that every person wearing a military uniform should be an athlete) have in common.  Whether they are young or seasoned, Airmen or Colonels, male or female, first time perfect scorers or consistent high performers, they are all doing something right.

Fitness can be achieved at any age, no matter your background, genetics, or environment.  Do the work, eat the good food, results will come.

Maj Richard Soto, 86th Medical
Operations Squadron
(Courtesy Photo, Kaiserslautern American)

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