Monday, August 16, 2010


What Motivates You?

G7 Stories - Veronica Garza from G7 Athletics on Vimeo.

And, a blast from the past ...


  1. I'm inspired by the amazing variety of things human beings are capable of. Musicians, athletes, survivors of tragedy, dare-devils, scientists... If I can acheive today something I thought was impossible yesterday, I am willing to push thr...ough discomfort, temptation and laziness to put in the time to make those small steps. Each day I make an effort, no matter how small, be it in play, work, or even rest I know it will pay off later on. Being able to see how short term actions/inactions affect the long term, motivates me. You don't get what you want procrastinating. Also, when I fail or give in to weakness, I try to accept my current state of being and not let it get me down. Eventually I will reach my goals. Feeling sorry for yourself never helps anyone or anything. I try laugh at my failures and move past them. When I know I'm doing my best, that's the honest expression of my abilities, and that, is perfection.

  2. Wow! Thanks for posting that very insightful response Jaime!


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